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Set your compass to adventure, and let's discover indie authors. Buuuuut, before you hoist up your britches, strap on your waders, and harness the gators, grab the scotch, but skip the rocks; for undoubtably, we're daring the quagmire, but don’t you worry it won’t be too dire unless we happen into a fire. So climb aboard, take a seat, dust off your specs, and brave the untamed jungle of indie books with us.

Jun 8, 2020

This is slightly different than our normal post, but here we can place it for free.

Thomas died young, leaving behind a cherished but poor family. Now his soul is wandering the vast realms of Death in pursuit of a distant hope. There is a way to escape Death and return to the living, but it is perilous and a single misstep would lead to the eradication of his essence. Nonetheless, Thomas must return to his loved ones with only the help of a child's soul and that of a bitter woman.

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