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Set your compass to adventure, and let's discover indie authors. Buuuuut, before you hoist up your britches, strap on your waders, and harness the gators, grab the scotch, but skip the rocks; for undoubtably, we're daring the quagmire, but don’t you worry it won’t be too dire unless we happen into a fire. So climb aboard, take a seat, dust off your specs, and brave the untamed jungle of indie books with us.

Aug 11, 2021

This is a review for fantasy indie book THE MARCH OF MAGNUS, (The sequel to SPARK CITY; so if you haven't listened to or read the book yet and intend to, beware there are spoilers in the review.) by Robert J. Powers. We tend to get feisty with a great deal finger snapping, hand clapping, and chair banging.